Treasury Management Process white paper

White Paper: Update Processes to Improve Treasury Management in Banks and Credit Unions

Repair Systems and Achieve Faster Payments With Just A Few Small Changes

Today's payment systems are not broken, but the processing methods behind them just aren't providing a real-time experience or necessary efficiencies for financial institutions and account holders alike. These methods must be updated, and can be with a few changes to current processes or by gradually migrating away from costly legacy processing systems onto new technology platforms.

ACH Alert has composed a white paper exploring the challenges financial institutions face today with the current processing methods in place and how modernizing them with readily-available solutions will improve treasury management in banks and credit unions. These solutions can provide faster payment options; keep transactions secure; generate new revenue; and automate back-room processes.

Key Topics Include:

  • Current systems and processes and their challenges;
  • Three solutions for faster payments and better processing;
  • How to repair, rather than replace, existing processes; and
  • Best practices to implement key process improvements.

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