Electronic Payments white paper

White Paper: Providing a Pleasant Banking Experience with Electronic Payments

Look for Actionable Online Banking Solutions that Create a Better Banking Experience 

With the many advancements to online banking solutions such as mobile banking and remote deposit capture, more traditional solutions like ACH transactions and wires still require cumbersome, time-consuming processes that interrupt the client experience. Although both services have their respective uses and benefits that consumers can capitalize on to meet their needs, there are unique issues and challenges involved with the process of consumers generating electronic payments and addressing fraudulent activity.

ACH Alert has written a white paper exploring the challenges consumers face today when making electronic payments and how actionable online banking solutions help to increase convenience for consumers, streamline processes for financial institutions and keep transactions secure.

Key Topics Include:

  • Challenges Associated with Consumers Making Electronic Payments; 
  • Current Technology Solutions to Improve the Banking Experience; 
  • Benefits to Financial Institutions and Consumers; and
  • Best Practices to Increase Convenience and Improve Fraud Prevention.

    Fraud Prevention for Treasury Management Services

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