FFIEC Guidelines White Paper

FFIEC Guidelines - Layered Security: How Much Is Enough?

How Strong Is Your Institution's Security Strategy?

In a digital era where the list of threats banks face is growing every day, it's clear that no single solution can provide all the protection a bank needs...But how much is "enough" when it comes to layered security? Fortunately, the FFIEC has provided excellent guidelines on how to create a layered security system that will keep your bank safe and compliant. However, these guidelines are a bit tricky to interpret, and you're not alone if you still have questions.

ACH Alert has composed a white paper putting the FFIEC guidelines on layered security into easy-to-grasp terms and real-life situations.

Key Topics Include:

  • How many controls are enough and what do examiners expect?
  • What two elements does the FFIEC require in every security system?
  • Is detecting and reporting anomalies the responsibility of the financial institution?
  • How can financial institutions satisfy customers while still maintaining compliance?

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